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We are interested in a wide variety of vehicles. We buy cars, trucks, vans and SUVs of almost any make and model. While building a quote for you, our phone operators take into account a variety of factors including: sales trends, body condition, interior condition, vehicle history, and after market parts.

We purchase automobiles in most conditions, so don’t hesitate to call if your car isn’t running or has been in an accident. Keeping those junk cars out of landfills is also an important part of helping our environment.

We strive to offer you what you need to get you into a newer car no matter the reason. New cars have more to offer than just higher mile per gallon ratings. For instance, if you sold us your old car and bought a 2013 hybrid, you would be getting more than just fuel efficiency.

You Would Be Getting



with features such as Turn-by-Turn navigation, front and rear power outlets, heated mirrors, keypad door locks, lumbar support, among others.



with MP3 player integration, new speakers, included XM radio, and Bluetooth wireless phone systems.


Safety features

such as emergency braking assistance, dusk sensing headlamps, tire pressure monitoring, and stability control.

What We Purchase



We buy subcompacts, compacts, mid-size, full-size and sports cars. We buy vehicles from almost every manufacture whether American or foreign. We are interested in collectible and vintage cars as well. Whatever condition it is in, give us a call!



At Sell Cars San Diego we will make offers on mini trucks, light trucks, and medium trucks. This includes flatbeds, pickups and sport utilities. If you’ve gotten the most out of your truck (and the bed shows wear and tear because of it) we still want to talk to you!


Vans & SUVs

We are interested in mini vans, crossovers, passenger vans, and compact SUVs. Even if you have been in an accident or have a salvage title, it is worth it to give us a call. These are almost no vehicles that we will not offer cash for and if you’re vehicle won’t run, we will even come to you and tow it away for free.

Why wait? Get the vehicle that you have been dreaming of. Start by giving us a toll free call to get a free quote for your old car.