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Sell Us Your Junk Car-Get Paid Cash

At Sell Cars San Diego, we created our “Cash For Junk Cars” program to insure that old and non-working cars are recycled responsibly to avoid accidental water contamination and other hazards to the environment. The recycling process removes toxic vehicle fluid in an environmentally friendly way before scrapping the car for materials such as steel, rubber, and plastic. In fact over 75 percent of cars can be recycled and kept out of landfills. By selling us your junk car you can be a part of this process while making some quick cash as well.

What Are Junk Automobiles?


Damaged. Whether your clunker has a few dents, weather damage that has effected the paint, missing pieces, broken glass, rust, or frame damage, we may be interested. You could even qualify for our program if your vehicle has been in a wreck and has a salvage title. As long as it can be recycled safely, we want to make you an offer.


Old. Most junk cars are 15 years old or older. We are interested in cars that are considered very old or that have been stationary for long periods of time. Even if your vehicle is relatively new, it may be a junk car because of extremely high mileage. If you are ready to get the old truck off blocks and out of your yard, give us a call for a 100% free consultation.


Not Running. If your vehicle has serious motor problems we can tow it away. If you’re mechanic advised you that the repairs necessary for your vehicle to run again would cost more than it is worth, you may be left wondering what you are supposed to do with your junk car. Give us a call and we can help you reclaim some of the value to put towards a newer, more reliable vehicle.

If your car has come to the end of its usefulness and you need it off your mind, let us take care of it. We will make sure it gets to an Authorized Treatment Facility that will recycle it in the most responsible way possible. Many of our clients are surprised how much money they left to rust in their backyard and wished they would have called us sooner. Even if your car is too damaged or dilapidated to make you cash, we will often still tow it away for free using licensed towers that are quick and courteous!