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At Sell Cars San Diego, we are determined to help local area residents get the money they need to purchase the environmentally friendly cars that they want. Our mission is to facilitate change in the car industry by recycling old cars and helping boost eco friendly car sales. Currently, the car buying and selling industry is undergoing massive changes due to the negative effects of car exhaust on our environment. These changes are never simple and can end up costing you money in the long run if you are not careful.


What You Need To Know

Car emissions contain a range of toxic chemicals that have far reaching effects on the surrounding environment. Some of these effects include:

In high traffic areas, gas is wasted in large quantities during peak traffic times. In fact, about 8 million gallons of gasoline are wasted everyday from idling. Car exhaust contains nitrous oxide (a major cause of acid rain), carbon dioxide (a green house gas), and benzene (recently linked to leukemia).

There are very apparent effects of pollution on people as well. The Journal of Health Perspectives reports that babies that are born in areas linked to high car pollution are noticeably smaller and suffer more health issues than their fresh air counterparts. While cars today are cleaner overall when compared to 30 years ago, the amount of cars has increased such that we are still polluting the environment at increasing rates. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently released a plan that will place stricter regulations on oil companies. The plan could cut car pollution by 80 percent but will also significantly increase already rising gas prices. As this plan moves forward, those consumers still driving traditional vehicles will be the ones to pay the price.


What You Can Do

To offset the rising cost of gas, the only financially viable option is to purchase a new, more environmentally friendly car such as a hybrid. Selling your current car, or a junk car, could give you the boost you need to get a car that will save you money on gas. If you have hesitated to sell your car because of high pressure tactics at dealerships or the frustrations that come from selling privately, we can help you! We are a local business with years of experience that can offer you a quick and simple way to sell. We are conveniently located in the San Diego area, allowing us to come to you to pay for your car.

“It was a pleasure dealing with Sell Cars San Diego. Edward came over to my place and purchased my car. I got paid, and they removed my vehicle. Great service, very thankful”

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